Vale Malcolm Fraser

Vale Malcolm Fraser.

In view of his part in the dismissal of the Whitlam Government, some will recall the former Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser with dislike. However, it must be remembered that over the years since he was Prime Minister, Mr Fraser has made important contributions through his comments on policy direction of governance in Australia. He has exhibited a genuine liberal stance on many issues.

GLRAR has often welcomed his speaking out for Human Rights and particularly the right of those seeking asylum. In a statement made in the weeks just prior to his death he said the following: – “The asylum seeker debate in Australia is demeaning and miserable. The politicians who participate in it have contempt for the Australian people. They believe, despite all the evidence to the contrary, that if they appeal to the fearful and mean sides of our nature, they will win support. They are showing that they believe we won’t know enough about the world to know that for the most part what they are saying is plainly false.”

Possibly Malcolm Fraser’s last media release threw out a challenge to us all, he said: – “We should also ask ourselves what we, as Australians, need to do so that politicians will learn to appeal to the best of our natures and cease playing with the lives of vulnerable people”.

This is the task for all who care about Human Rights.