The Fast Track processing that DIBP has introduced has resulted in a further denial of Justice to those seeking asylum. The process has made it more restrictive, and raised the approval bar a little higher in order to reduce the number of people eligible for refugee status.

Some statistics that demonstrate the injustice are:-

  • The time asylum seekers have waited to be allowed to apply – Up to 4 years
  • Number of people seeking asylum under Fast Track – 24,500
  • Number of people who have lodged applications – 12,500
  • Number of people who have yet to lodge applications – 12,000
  • Number of applications lodged with DIBP each month – 1,500
  • Applications processed by DIBP each month – 500

At this rate all application may be finalised by 2019/20. The DIBP has given those outstanding 12,000 asylum seekers 4 weeks to submit their applications. It is close to impossible for asylum seekers to get their applications prepared in that time,

Prior to Fast Track over 90% of applications were approved

After Fast Track introduced less that 70% of applications have been approved