Craig Forster, of ex Socceroo fame has launched a campaign called “#Game Over” on Facebook and website. Medivac asylum seekers are being held in hotels and motels under guard. A Border force guard at the Brisbane Motel tested positive to the COVID-19 and could have infected many detainess in the motel.

Craig Forster writes-

“At a time when our energies are needed to refocus on helping fellow Australians at risk from CVID-19, particularly through the community of sport, a message for every human stranded offshore as the health crisis only exacerbates 7 years of pain, and those detained onshore in APOD’s (alternative places of detention , hotels) for months on end without fresh air or sunlight.

We’re thinking of you , you’re not forgotten and after an infection in the Brisbane hotel we will be calling for all asylum seekers to be provided with safe, community accommodation immediately.
For the guys offshore, please hang on.

I know @australiaforunhcr @unhcr_gr suspended resettlemnt because of travel concern, and we will continue to encourage Australians to join #Game Over at and to be ready when the moment comes to call for your long overdue freedom.

All our love and support #Game Over”