On Tuesday 26th April the Papua New Guinea Court ordered the Australian Government and the Government of PNG to immediately cease the unconstitutional and illegal detention of asylum seekers at Manus Island and stop breaching their Human Rights.
The ruling said “they were seeking asylum in Australian and were forcefully brought to PNG”.
Many supporters of GLRAR will sign the petition that GetUp launched on Wednesday 27th and it is expected that the meeting this Saturday 30th April will support another campaign to “Bring them Here”.  Minister Dutton stated that the detainees will not be permitted to come to Australia and it is thought the Government is again searching for another third world country to take these men.
Supporters are requested to make their objections to the present policies of both major parties and press for these men to be brought to the mainland of Australia.
Breaking news this Wednesday evening is that the Manus Island Detention Centre is to be closed.