Children to be returned to Nauru.

It is reported the Minister for Immigration Peter Dutton is intending to return 72 children who are at present in Australia back to Nauru. This proposal is considered to be an abuse of the Rights of the Child Convention, as well as the laws and conventions that Australia is supposed to uphold.

On ABC Radio National AM program on Wednesday 20th January, Professor David Isaacs, Professor of Paediatrics at Sydney University and Westmead Hospital, condemned the Minister’s decision.  Prof. Isaacs has spent 5 days on Nauru as a consultant on children’s health and was very distressed by the condition in which he found many children. They were not only physically ill but children as young as four to six year olds demonstrated signs of mental illness.

GLRAR members are signing a petition on line at present that is requesting Minister Dutton not to return these 72 children to Nauru.

If you are interested in signing this petition please contact GLRAR on and the link will be forwarded to you.