A Surprise Visit

It was a wonderful New Year’s Day surprise when Gairat Baykhil arrived at our front door with a big bunch of flowers. Gairat and his flat mate Shoaib were on a brief trip up the coast.

Gairat was befriended by GLRAR while detained in Baxter Detention Centre and we have kept in touch ever since.

Supporters may recall that GLRAR has raised funds to help Gairat get visas for his teenage sister and three boy cousins. In spite of up-front payments, these visas have been held up for four years and now, due to Minister Scott Morrison’s ruling, these young people will never be able to be reunited with their only male close relative.

Gairat has been able to establish his retail clothing business and has shops in Wagga Wagga and Albury. This enables him to send financial support to the family who are in Pakistan and frequently in a dangerous situation

Gairat and Shoaib stop in briefly on their way up the coast