Great Lakes Rural Australians for Refugees


Great Lakes Rural Australians for Refugees is a group of local people/residents who are distressed over the treatment of asylum seekers and refugees by recent Australian Governments. The group was formed following a public meeting on the 29th June, 2002 and has continued to lobby politicians, and assist advocates, to improve the treatment of refugees. GLRAR is a non-party political, non-sectarian, group of supporters. We do not have formal membership requirements. We only ask that you support our aims and everyone who does so is welcome.


    • To advocate for the humane, treatment of all asylum seekers and refugees seeking help from Australia.
    • To offer material help to those refugees in need or who are in detention.
    • Raise awareness within the community of the plight of refugees and the adverse impacts of Australia’s present Immigration Policy.
  • To promote the protection of human rights and civil liberties for all people in Australia through a Charter of Rights.